Sveba-Dahlen’s mind set is the same worldwide: customised solutions with high image and reliability that creates optimal baking results. This has been their mission since the company was formed in 1948, creating solutions that make baking mean business. Better baking business.

Baking is about great ingredients and craftsmanship, but turning baking into good business is something entirely different. Whilst aromas and tastes may encourage sales, there are many other factors that affect business along the way. Sveba Dahlen create tailor made, low maintenance solutions with low operating costs. Today, they are one of the world’s largest producers of bakery and pizza equipment.

Java & Jazz has a reputation for great pizza, something that owner John Gallagher knows is dependent on good flavours, and a great bake. For him, a Sveba-Dahlen oven and Jestic's comprehensive support is a winning combination.

Sveba-Dahlen product range.