Winston CVap

A game changer when it comes to quality of food preparation, Winston's CVap range gives you versatile, durable equipment. From help with a breakfast rush, or speed of service throughout lunch, to better yields for your main courses at dinner, CVap can improve efficiencies in your kitchen.

CVap refers to Controlled Vapour Technology, the engine that drives CVap equipment and makes it so different. Other cabinets are designed to heat air; CVap is designed to heat food. CVap works on the principle that food contains water, and behaves like water when heated. CVap controls moisture by producing a vapour-laden environment that completely surrounds the food with the exact amount of moisture needed.

CVap’s unique control enables chefs to accomplish a wide variety of applications with unparalleled food quality. Prove, stage, roast, bake, steam, poach, braise, confit and bag-less sous vide – there is no limit to the food a CVap oven can cook and hold. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, and designed to fit in even the most challenging of spaces, CVap is the perfect technology for every kitchen.

Winston CVap product range.