‘Cook and hold’ ovens put pink burgers on the menu with zero risk


At Jestic we are committed to supporting catering professionals with the latest technology and kitchen equipment for their business.

Designed specifically for holding cooked food items, such as burgers, over an extended period, the Jestic portfolio includes Winston CVap Hot Holding equipment. Allowing for greater control and flexibility, the CVap range enables operators to maintain output, even during peak periods.

“By controlling the temperature and humidity levels within the holding cabinet, businesses can deliver significantly increased yields, decrease wastage and achieve a greater product consistency,” explains Eyre.

“Furthermore, the technology created for the CVap range allows the user to safely cook high risk meat products, including the ‘pink burger’ before holding them in line with the regulated ‘FSA 6-log 10’ cook times and temperatures, without  adversely affecting the colour and texture of the product. As the trend for ‘pink burgers’ continues to dominate both the industry and the news, it’s become essential that businesses consider how to comply with regulation, something which, when cooked correctly, can be achieve with the Winston CVap Hot Holding range from Jestic Express.”

For more information on the Winston CVap range or to find out about the other commercial products, please call the office on 01892 831960.