Effortlessly cool blast chilling and shock freezing in one: Irinox Icy, new from Jestic

Chill and freeze with complete ease thanks to this innovative new addition to the Jestic product portfolio.

Dubbed the fastest blast chiller in its category by Italian manufacturer Irinox, the Icy is able to blast chill and shock freeze in 30% less time than the competition – all with lower energy consumption, making this machine a must-have for any kitchen which prides itself on sustainability.

These rapid processes also enable operators to capitalise on speed of service, with optimised production and preparation for improved kitchen efficiency. Ultimately, the Irinox Icy pays for itself over and over again during its lifetime.

Perfect for use in a variety of commercial kitchens, the Icy is extremely user-friendly. Intuitive touch screen controls allow operators to set the unit to a programme of their choosing quickly and simply, with four main functions that can be accessed from the ‘home’ panel, leading onto a range of precise programmes from what the operator can choose. This means that there are no more than three steps needed in order to start the machine.

Mirroring the simplicity of a smartphone, each function also benefits from an explanatory icon for easy identification, speeding up subsequent repeat uses.

With two dedicated blast chilling cycles (Delicate and Strong), the Icy is suited to both delicate – mousse, fish and vegetables – and dense products – meats, soups and sauces – lowering temperatures from +90°c to +3⁰C within 90 minutes. During either of these cycles, the high-risk temperature range reduces quickly, which prevents bacteria growth and natural ageing.

The state-of-the-art technology within the Icy blast chiller preserves the nutritional values within a range of food types, including everything from rice and pasta through to meat and fish, for consistently excellent quality with every preparation. The Irinox BalanceSystem ensures that the refrigeration circuit components are perfectly sized for even ventilation and humidity, which is crucial for keeping each product as akin to its fresh state as possible; using the Irinox Icy means that every element of a dish can be served with the promise of as much flavour and freshness as it has when freshly prepared, with aromas and textures kept intact for longer too.

Icy’s revolutionary shock freezing cycles preserve both texture and quality in a way in which other brands of shock freezer cannot compete. With Delicate and Strong shock freezing cycles, everything from baked goods to large cuts of meat can be frozen, reducing the temperature from +90°c to -18⁰C within four hours on standard cycles.

Using an in-built probe, the Icy models continuously monitor the temperature, immediately ending the blast chilling or shock freezing cycle when reaching the desired level, before maintaining the conditions until required, significantly reducing both time and money.

The pioneering technology built into the Irinox Icy also introduces a raft of unparalleled food safety features, which include an automatic cycle that constantly monitors the products’ core temperature when a probe is present – paramount for meeting rigorous safety standards – whilst the ability to adjust both temperature and ventilation inside the chilling chamber makes for precise temperature control.

Icy’s consistently perfect performance is down to the exacting standards of Irinox designers, whose eye for detail has resulted in top quality construction for a robust, durable piece of equipment. Fitted with the patented MultiRack – an adjustable system that allows the user to switch from Gastronorm to 60x40 bakery trays without changing the rack, whilst maintaining uniform air distribution – the concept of the inner chamber is based on the flexibility of an operator’s output, whilst futuristic and stylish exterior aesthetics make the unit a beautiful addition to any contemporary kitchen.

For further information on the Irinox range from Jestic Foodservice Equipment, please call us on 01892 831 960.