Heygates Flour Mill Test Bakery

After gaining exclusive distribution rights, Jestic have invested not only in personnel but also test baking facilities in Northampton as well as the extension of the development kitchen at the head office in Kent. This is to provide customers with the level of service and expertise for which Jestic has become renowned, and accessible for new and existing customers and dealers across the UK.  

Works at Heygates Flour Mill in Northampton were the first to start. A new Eco+ D-Series deck oven with steam, Fermatic Q4 prover and C-Series rack oven were installed last week. This was the perfect opportunity for our engineers to refresh their skills on the latest bakery equipment. Jan the Technician and Ingemar the Senior Area Sales Manager from Sveba-Dahlen also attended. 

A few of our Jestic Technical Serivices engineers with Jan Persson from Sveba-Dahlen

Works at the Jestic head office have begun and we are looking to have this completed end of July.

The Glimek mixer, S-Series rack oven, D-Series deck oven, Fermatic Q4 prover and Flexismart combination oven are just a few of the new additions to the test bakery.  

For more information on the Sveba-Dahlen product range or to visit our test bakeries, please call 01892 831 960.