Sveba Dahlen P400: Taking pizza making to an all-new level

Formed in 1948 in the heart of Sweden, Sveba Dahlen has built upon a comprehensive understanding of the bakery profession and the needs of the chef to offer a diverse range of high-quality ovens. Now, the leading Nordic manufacturer and distributor of pizza ovens, Sveba Dahlen is committed to further developing its extensive portfolio, something that’s evident with the launch of the new P400 deck oven.

An innovative, high quality deck oven, the P400 combines superior insulation with double tempered glass to make the appliance extremely efficient to use while also providing a uniform distribution of heat throughout the chamber. Available in a choice of one, two or three decks, specs of just 1120mm x 1010 (w/d) and a stand height of 930mm, the Sveba Dahlen P400 offers the ideal solution for operators looking to produce delicious pizza in a kitchen or front of house setup with limited available space.

Ergonomically designed and constructed from high quality, robust stainless steel the oven is matched to the tough demands of a commercial kitchen, while also being equally designed for a front of house, customer facing format. For added versatility, each deck is independently controlled via the digital display, allowing the operator to select start times, operating temperatures or initiate the eco-mode to further reduce energy consumption during quieter periods.

Heat reflective glass maintains the working temperature in the kitchen while the sandblasted, stainless steel handles remain cool to touch throughout the cooking process for ease of use. For added flexibility, the stand comes complete with handy containers suitable for pizza toppings, spices and cheese. Adaptable shelving further enhances space optimisation in a compact catering environment.

The new Sveba Dahlen P400 is up to 35% more efficient than other leading deck ovens on the market, while choice of 1, 2 or 3 decks and variable temperature control ensures the perfect cooking of pizza without the need to move around.