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Cook & Hold CSD Series

Cook & Hold Oven with Drawers

The Moduline CSD Series of Cook & Hold Ovens with drawers uses gentle and controlled heat to cook at low temperatures. Thanks to a specifically designed static system, temperatures are even and stable, enhancing the quality, the softness and the results of recipes.

  • Electronic control of the time, temperature and core probe
  • Operating temperature from +30°c to +120°c
  • Adjustable humidity vents
  • Internal core probe
  • Suction feet
  • Available in portrait or landscape drawer layout
  • Available in one, two and three drawer configurations
  • Multi Temperature option available offering independent temperature controls in double and triple drawer units.


Model No. of Drawers Dimensions Power Pan Capacity
CSD001E Single 450x650x300mm 700W 1 GN 1/1
CSD002E Double 450x650x510mm 1000W 2 GN 1/1
CSD003E Triple 450x650x720mm 1000W 3  GN 1/1
CSD011E Single 660x585x300mm 700W 1 GN 1/1
CSD012E Double 660x585x510mm 1000W 2 GN 1/1
CSD013E Triple 660x585x720mm 1000W 3 GN 1/1
CSD212E Double multi-temp 705x680x600mm 1400W 2 GN 1/1
 CSD313E  Triple multi-temp 705x680x820mm  2100W 3 GN 1/1