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Counter Top Modular Holding


 Henny Penny countertop and modular holding cabinets keep freshly cooked food at safe temperatures, handy and ready to pack or serve.

  • Modular units can be stacked or placed side by side
  • One piece moulded drawer pans made of heavy duty high-temperature thermoplastic
  • Programmable controls with adjustable temperature and time settings
  • Wire basket inserts allow for even convection flow
  • Fully insulated cabinet



Model Number External Size (WxDxH) Pan Capacity Power Shipping Weight
MPC 1L single module 188 x 445 x 213mm 1 deep drawer pan 1 x 13A (240v) 11kg
MPC 21L single module 222 x 195 x 400mm

 1 double handled deep drawer pan

1 x 13A (240v) 11kg 
MPC 22 two tier 375 x 213 x 438mm  4 drawer pans, 2 per shelf 1 x 13A (240v) 20kg
MPC 222 two tier 384 x 400 x 268mm  4 double handled drawer pans,  2 per shelf 1 x 13A (240v)  20kg