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D-Series Double Depth

D-Series Double Depth Deck Oven

The D-Series is also available in a special edition with double depth for extra capacity. Double depth is available in one width and is also adaptable to all types of bakeries and most baking products. It consists of robust, reliable and energy-efficient ovens with double temperature sensors to ensure an even heat distribution throughout the oven interior, which gives excellent baking results. It comes with double steam generators and and high oven chambers. The depth of the D-Series Double Depth deck oven is double that of the D-Series model and the height of the oven chamber in each section is 220 mm. Each standard section comes equipped with both stone sole and double steam systems. The oven is available in up to four deck sections.

  • Modular design: The oven can be expanded vertically and is easy to install.
  • Robust construction: The precision-built doors ensure safer handling through cooler, ergonomic handles that give a better grip.
  • Choice of control panel: Choose between three different panels: D2 (standard), D1+ or the energy-efficient and intelligent SD-Touch.
  • Choice of leg height for ergonomic use: The oven comes with black aluminum legs fitted with castors, available in different heights for optimal working conditions.
  • Stone sole: Stone sole for stone baked bread.