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Egg Station ES-1200

The Antunes Egg Station uses heat and steam to cook perfectly moist and delicious eggs in a matter of minutes.

Eggs are the cornerstone of every successful breakfast menu. With the Antunes Egg Station, any operation can easily serve a fresh, made-to-order egg sandwich or omelet. Using a combination of heat from the grill surface and steam, this unit cooks perfectly cooked eggs every time. The heated grill surface cooks the eggs while the non-stick rings give the product its shape. 

  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Includes non-stick egg rings
  • Audio and visual signals for operation
  • Cook time of 120-150 seconds
  • Easy to clean design with included scrap tray
  • Small footprint to easily fit into any operation



Model Dimensions Shipping Weight Power
ES-1200 438x445x229mm 22kg 13.2A