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Evolution Elite EEE & EEG

Reduced Oil Volume Open Fryer

Henny Penny Evolution Elite open fryers use innovative filtering and oil level technology to extend oil life, improve product quality and reduce overall oil consumption and costs.

  • Featuring a smaller fry vat allowing product to be cooked in 40% less oil
  • Features i-control with 10 programmable cook cycles, Idle & Melt modes & Load compensation
  • Oil Guardian automatic top up level sensors monitor oil level and add fresh oil as needed from the self-contained reservoir
  • Smart touch filtration tracks cook cycles and prompts when to filter at the touch of a button




Vat size

Power (Electric/Gas)

Shipping weight

EEE-141 470 x 819 x 1162mm 1 x 14L 14kW, Electric 151kg
EEE-142 813 x 819 x 1162mm 2 x 14L 28kW, Electric 200kg
EEE-143 1207 x 819 x 1162mm 3 x 14L 42kW, Electric 240kg
EEE-144 1607 x 819 x 1162mm 4 x 14L 56kW, Electric 319kg
EEG-241 478 x 842 x 1180mm 1 x 14L Gas, 19.8kW 151kg
EEG-242 845 x 842 x 1180mm 2 x 14L Gas, 36.6kW 227kg
EEG-243 1205 x 842 x 1180mm 3 x 14L Gas, 59.4kW 277kg
EEG-244 1600 x 842 x 1180mm 4 x 14L Gas, 79.2kW 361kg