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F-Series F200 Retarder/Proofer-Proofer

F-Series F200 Retarder/Proofer-Proofer

The Sveba Dahlen F-Series F200 is designed for retarding and proofing products on trays. High capacity while taking up a small footprint due to its compact design. Innovative and energy efficient steam generator. Produces the steam with ultrasound and adding cold steam to the cabinet, meaning a faster and more energy efficient cooling process. The programmable ergonomically placed panel makes it easy to prepare your baking as early as the day before.

  • Temperature and humidity are set seperately. Ensures optimal control when proofing.
  • User-friendly control panel with touch function, clear display and easy to learn. Pre-programmed or manual retarding and proofing control.
  • High energy efficiency using ultra- sound technique for adding humidity to the cabinet, no boiling needed.
  • Large double glazed window in door and bright vertical LED-lights inside. Gives a clear over-view of the proofing process on all trays. Turn on lights on panel without opening the door.
  • Maintenence free and easy to clean. Automatic defrosting.
  • Automatic progam adjustment for cooling phase. Senses the product temperature and adjusts the program for optimal quality.
  • Temperature range: +2º to +50º (Retarder). Room temp. to +50° (Prover).