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Fermatic Q4 - Freezer - Retarder - Prover



Fermatic Q4 is a completely new generation of retarder-prover, freezer-prover and prover from Sveba-Dahlen. The cabinet has a basic design consisting of stable, well-insulated modules that deliver low energy consumption and also have several unique energy saving functions. Fermatic Q4 has the latest technology within retarding and proving, as well as Dough On Demand, which means that ready to bake dough can be preserved and baked sequentially over a period of up to 6-10 hours.

Features & benefits

  • Fermatic Q4 has been developed to meet tomorrow’s production requirements with regard to techniques within Freezing-Proving, Retarding-Proving and Dough On Demand. The enzymes in the dough have time to digest the sugar in the dough which improves the taste and coloration. This process gives a higher quality and better tasting bread.
  • Oven fresh all day - dough on demand.
  • Automatic product process.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Time and labour saving.
  • On the Retarder prover and freezer prover the Fermaticuses both heat and cold when needed which means that the Fermatic controls the temperature independent of the outside temperature. The bakery can have 15 degrees inside the prover when the temperaure in the room is 40 degrees.
  • Oversleep function – if the operator doesn’t push yes when the end time is reached the Fermatic will start to cool down the products. The products won’t be destroyed.
  • The automatic system controls all processes in the cabinet, ensuring     that the dough is protected against drying out and is handled as carefully as possible.
  • Gives the baker greater freedom and the opportunity to influence times and settings to suit the individual working day and the pace of the work.
  • Stable, modular frame. Compact and stable cabinet design.
  • Effective 80 mm polyurethane insulation in closed units.Keeps the cold/heat in place in the cabinet. Reduces energy consumption drastically.
  • Floor design with well-insulated, bolted floor and strong 3 mm stainless steel sheet metal. Very durable and keeps the cold/heat in place.
  • The Freezer-Prover has electrical heating coils in the floor as standard. Counteracts damage caused by freezing and keeps the floor dry and free of condensation water.
  • A specially designed, newly developed exhaust channel in the rear wall of the cabinet distributes the air. Gentle, more uniform and more effective air distribution with both falling and rising air.

The Doors
The doors have robust new hinges. The hardened glass in the doors is larger and has an improved insulation function. Sensors in the doors activate, start and end the programs automatically. The sensors also turn on the light and stop the fans while the doors are opened. Reduces energy consumption and makes the working environment as optimal as possible for the baker.

The Touch Screen 
The 7” touch panel contains a number of functions including automatic operation, manual operation and operation according to own or preset recipes. All important functions such as humidity, temperature, cooling and fan speed can be controlled entirely individually according to specific needs and requirements.

Dough on Demand*
The dough proves over a long period at a low temperature, and is subsequently cooled down and preserved under highly controlled conditions. The ready to bake dough can be kept for 6-10 hours. The baker can then take racks out when necessary to be baked immediately with no further proving.

*Not available on Prover


Model Width x Depth

Retarder/Freezer Dough Weight

Number of Fans

Heating Effect

Cooling Effect* Retarder

Cooling Effect* Freezer

1000 x 1000  30kg  1  2kW  1.0kW  1.1kW
1000 x 1200 30kg  1  2kW  1.0kW  1.1kW
1000 x 1600 60kg  1  4kW  1.8kW  1.4kW
1000 x 2000 90kg  1  4kW  2.0kW  1.4kW
1600 x 1000 60kg  2  4kW  1.8kW  2.0kW
1600 x 1200 60kg  2  4kW  1.8kW  2.0kW
1600 x 1600 120kg  2  6kW  3.1kW  2.9kW
1800 x 1000 90kg  2  4kW  2.5kW  2.8kW
1800 x 1200 90kg  2  4kW  2.5kW  2.8kW
1800 x 1600 180kg  2  6kW  4.3kW  3.1kW
1800 x 2200 180kg  3  8kW  4.4kW  3.9kW
1800 x 2800 360kg  3  10kW  5.5kW  3.9kW
2000 x 1600 180kg  3  8kW  4.4kW  4.0kW
2000 x 2400 270kg  3  10kW  5.8kW  4.0kW