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Hold and Serve Drawers- CVap


Holding Drawers 

Cvap Hold and Serve Drawers keep food hot and fresh for extended periods of time. With high heat-to-volume ratios, they recover quickly from frequent drawer openings, allowing operators to serve directly from the drawer. 

  • Available in single and double drawer options
  • Precise control of food temperature and texture
  • Large stainless steel water pan alleviates the need for plumbing
  • Stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Gastronorm pan compatible




GN /Pan Capacity


Shipping weight


612 x 744 x 339  mm

 1 x 1/1GN 13 Amp / 1PH 50kg
 HBB0N1 419 x 612 x 399 mm  8 x 1/1GN 13 Amp / 1PH 43kg
 HBB0D2 612 x 744 x 642 mm  2 x 1/1GN 13 Amp / 1PH 64kg
HBB0N2 422 x 724 x 1902 mm  2 x 1/1GN 13 Amp / 1PH 57kg