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I-Series Industrial Rack Oven



The I-Series is a rack oven designed to withstand industrial usage. Also available as extra energy efficient eco+. 

Features & benefits

  • Industrial rack oven. Built according to industrial standards. High capacity/heavy duty ovens.
  • Industrial features included.
  • IBS – Increased Baking Surface Sveba-Dahlen’s patented system for alternating rotation of the racks. Results in a faster, more even and economical baking.
  • Very user friendly SD-Touch control panel panel with many features (I-60, I-61, 1-62). Self-instructing with menus such as manual baking preprogrammed baking and service parameters. The panel is easy to learn, easily accessed and very logical.
  • Patented Cascad steam system with very high capacity. The system makes contionous baking without interruption possible.
  • The oversize heat exchanger is working in accordance with the counter-flow principle. Brings better heat transfer to the products being baked. Results in more effective heat exchange, higher fuel efficiency and lower heating costs.
  • Automatic rotation stop, when the door handle is released (not opening the door) the rack will rotate to unloading position.
  • Insulated floor prevents heatloss and curving of the floor.
  • Easy to install. Assembly from inside the baking chamber.
  • Firm and solid doorlock / handle.
  • Strong and stable platform ramp adjustable in height. 
  • Flush platform.
  • Tightly fastened and easy to open door glass.
  • Strong functional hinges with build in adjustable holding function in the hinges.



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