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M1 A – Spiral Mixer with Fixed Bowl



Silent and reliable mixer with fixed bowl. Designed for an intense use: 30 and 40 kg. Improves dough quality. M1 A is our basic model that can satisfy the daily production needs of a small/medium bakery, a pizzeria, Supermarket or a test bakery.


Features & Benefits

  • The M1 A has two speeds, one-way bowl rotation, belt transmissions.
    The M1 A is also automatic with electronic timers and available with single-phase motor and inverter.
    Simple and reliable basic construction.
  • The central part of the bowl is raised and rounded.
    Improves dough quality and reduces mixing times.
  • Available with single-phase motor and inverter.
  • Very efficient mixing.




Dough Capacity

Flour Capacity

Bowl Volume

Power of Spiral


M1 30 A 540 x 875 x 1305 30kg 18kg 50L 1.0kW / 2.0kW 259kg
M1 40 A 540 x 915 x 1305 40kg 25kg 60L 1.5kW / 3.0kW 284kg