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MD-W - Mixer with Bottom Discharge Systems and Double Mixing Tool




Silent Spiral mixer with bottom discharge system and double mixing tool 160, 240 and 400 kg. For larger bakeries and industrial use. The dough is unloaded onto a conveyor belt or into a movable bowl. Mixing system with dual tool (MDW-Line). 

Features & Benefits 

  • A compact system that can feature two or more series of mixers.
    Feeds the dough directly into the production lines, while an optional extension offers a system for letting the dough rest.
  • The bowl transmission guarantees constant rpm.
    Improves the quality of the dough.
  • The transmission is designed for long life.
    Lasts longer and requires less maintenance compared to the classic clutch wheel transmissions used in this sector.
  • Double mixing tool gives a rapid homogeneous blending of all ingredients is followed by intensive kneading (dough-friendly).
    Compared to other mixing systems, these machines offer essential advantages with regard to dough quality.







 MD-W 160 1810 925 1770 2260
 MD-W 240 1895 1070 1770 2315
 MD-W 400 2300 1200 1920 2545


Dough Capacity

Flour Capacity

Bowl Capacity

MD-W 160 160 kg 100 kg 270 l
MD-W 240 240 kg 150 kg 380 l
MD-W 400 400 kg 250 kg 600 l