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MetroMax Q Top Track Overhead Track Shelving

Metro Top-Track Overhead Track Shelving with MetroMax Q Shelves

Getting the most out of every inch is easier than ever with Metro Top-Track High-Density Storage Systems. Top-Track can increase the storage capacity of a given area up to 40%. The system allows more storage units to fit in a defined space. A movable, open aisle allows full access to each entire shelving unit thus eliminating hard to reach or “dead” spaces. The overhead track system guides the mobile units and opens an access aisle between any two units, whenever it is needed. The track is above the storage units enabling easy access for employees or for utility carts, simplifying the material handling task.

  • Floors are easier to clean.
  • Utility carts can be rolled into and out of the active aisle.
  • The guide track on top compensates for uneven floor surfaces and keeps units in alignment.
  • Mobile units are designed to address medium-duty applications.
  • The weight capacity of each Top-Track mobile unit is 410kg