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MKN Space Combi Team

MKN Space Combi Steamer Team

Complete with two cooking chambers, the MKN Space Combi Team is small, compact and easy-to-use. It comes with an array of options, from steaming to frying, all in just one device - guaranteeing the fulfilment of the customer’s desires. With two separate cooking chambers, you have complete control of your menu. Each chamber is individual, while one chamber is steaming, the other can be baking, ensuring maximum efficiency at all times. 

  • Professional Combisteamer with 2 x 6 GN 1/1 inserts with a width of just 55 cm.
  • 2 separate cooking chambers with magic pilot operating concept.
  • 2 robust, wear free, capacative true colour touch screens - as simple & intuitive as your smartphone.
  • MKN Guided Cooking with autoChef, ChefsHelp, VideoAssist, Favourites and BarcodeScan.
  • AutoChef – automatic cooking includes more than 250 preselected international cooking processes which can be individually modified.
  • ChefsHelp & VideoAssist – interactive user assistance with clips featuring professional chefs.
  • SES – Steam Exhaust System, steam extraction for safe operation.
  • Hygienic cooking chamber door with sealed triple glazing.
  • WaveClean – automatic cleaning system.



Model Dimensions Power Weight Tray Capacity
Space Combi Team 550x836x1770mm 2 x 7.8kW 153kg 12 x GN 1/1