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Moduline Hydrogen Peroxide Atomiser

Moduline Hydrogen Peroxide Atomiser

Moduline’s PURE is an automatic sanitizer which dispenses Hydrogenperoxide ( H2O2) micro particles in a closed environment. Vapourised hydrogen peroxide is a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide designed to decontaminate by coating surfaces and objects in an ultra-thin layer of micro-condensation of hydrogen peroxide vapour, undetectable to the naked eye. The Moduline HPV machine offers total environmental sanitization, both of the air and of the surfaces. As vapourised hydrogen peroxide naturally biodegrades into water and oxygen, it’s considered to be “residue free” and one of the most environmentally friendly methods of decontamination out there.

  • 1.5 litre tank capacity
  • standard 13amp supply
  • easily portable only 8kg
  • sanitising capacity with one unit up to 500m3
  • safe to re-enter room 20 minutes after cycle finish.
  • aproximate sanitising time: 60 m3 takes in total 3 +20 = 23 min
  • Hydrogenperoxide solution : 7.5 % H2O2
  • Suitable for numerous applications including hotels, kitchens, bars, conference rooms, trains, buses and taxis.