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MR Professional 80-240 - Spiral Mixers with Removable Bowl




Silent Spiral mixer with removable bowl 80, 120, 160, 200, 240, 350, 400 and 500 kg. Patented taper bowl locking and motion system. High performance spiral. Suitable for medium and larger bakeries.

Features & Benefits

  • Patented taper bowl locking and motion system.
    Always and automatically centres the bowl in working position.
  • Hydraulically controlled cone under the bowl.
    Eliminates any possibility of slippage or wear.
  • The taper shaft gives rotating motion to the bowl.
    Increasing the dough quality and machine performance.
    Noiseless and free of mechanical play.
  • No oscillating movements of the head while mixing a fully loaded bowl with particularly dry doughs.
    Always a constant distance of the spiral from the bottom of the bowl.




A x B x C x D

Dough Capacity

Flour Capacity

Bowl Volume

Power Supply


MR 80 P 1775 x 904 x 1470 x 1920 80kg 50kg 154L 7.35kW 1100kg
MR 120 P 1815 x 939 x 1470 x 1920 120kg 75kg 181L 7.35kW 1150kg
MR 160 P 2001 x 1027 x 1500 x 2051 160kg 100kg 270L 13.6kW 1250kg
MR 200 P 2031 x 1060 x 1500 x 2058 200kg 125kg 310L 13.6kW 1390kg
MR 240 P 2056 x 1105 x 1500 x 2136 240kg 150kg 380L 16.1kW 1500kg