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MultiFresh® Next

Multifresh Next Multifunctional fully customisable Blast Chiller

The entire MultiFresh® Next range, with capacities from 4 to 27 trays (depending on height), is the first in the world to work with the green refrigerant gas R290, better known as propane, which guarantees very high performance and zero emissions. The performance of MultiFresh® Next saves up to 25% in chilling and freezing time, for faster cycles and optimised working times.

MultiFresh® Next is the optimal choice for professionals that require high-performance, high-power and high-speed chilling and freezing. New compressors, fans and condensers guarantee improved performance with extremely low noise emissions. 

MultiFresh® Next manages temperatures from -35°C to +85°C. In addition to preset chilling and freezing cycles dedicated to professional kitchens, it also allows low-temperature cooking and chilling, warm holding or freezing directly after this delicate process.

  • MultiFresh® Next features up to 12 functions and 150 different cycles.
  • From essentials to excellence: choose between two different configurations.
  • Two sizes of backlit display are available: 4.3'' and 10'', both with capacitive technology.
  • With the FreshCloud® app, you can connect to your blast chiller at any time from any device and check its correct operation, even when you are not in the kitchen or busy with another task.


Model Dimensions Yield per Cycle Power Shipping Weight
MF Next S 790x840x870mm 25kg 0.91kW 100kg
MF Next M 190x1015x1590mm 50kg 1.85kW 175kg
MF Next L 790x1015x1965mm 70kg 3.07kW 205kg
 MF Next SL 870x970x870mm  40kg 1.6kW 140kg
 MF Next ML 870x1145x1590mm  80kg  5.37kW 220kg
 MF Next LL 780x1145x1965mm 95kg 8kW 285kg