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MX - Spiral Mixer with Fixed Bowl



Silent Spiral mixer with fixed bowl. 60, 80, 120, 160 and 200 kg. Steady, compact and easy to handle spiral mixer with power reserves for most doughs.

Features & Benefits

  • Fixed bowl spiral mixers with two motors, two speeds with two way bowl rotation allowing to reverse the bowl in 1st speed. Automatic timer.
    Compact and reliable construction.
  • Standard with stainless steel bowl, spiral tool and breaker bar.
    Basic model, suitable for most doughs.
  • The central part of the bowl is raised and rounded.
    Improves dough quality and reduces mixing times.
  • Available with single-phase motor and inverter.
  • Very efficient mixing.




Dough Capacity

Flour Capacity

Bowl Volume

Power Supply


MX 60 668 x 1170 x 1256 60kg 37kg 112L 3.55kW 350kg
MX 80 698 x 1185 x 1256 80kg 50kg 154L 4.25kW 380kg
MX 120 779 x 1295 x 1384 120kg 75kg 185L 5.35kW 431kg
MX 160 885 x 1404 x 1466 160kg 100kg 270L 13.25kW 570kg
MX 200 946 x 1465 x 1466 200kg 125kg 310L 13.25kW 615kg