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P Series


The Sveba-Dahlen P-Series sets a new standard for baking pizza. The ovens are well-insulated, resulting in evenly distributed heat throughout the oven chamber and cost savings. A reliable solution that always delivers perfect results, even in high-stress situations. The double tempered glass makes the oven extremely energy efficient. This leads to an oven that is economical to use and that distributes the heat evenly, ensuring that the pizzas are baked correctly without having to move them around. The P-Series got nine sizes to choose between! 

Features & benefits

  • The new generation of pizza ovens.
  • Available in red (option), black (option) and silver.
  • Capacity P-400: P-401 4 pizzas of 35 cm, P-402 8 pizzas of 35 cm, P-403 12 pizzas of 35 cm
  • Capacity P-600: P-601 6 pizzas of 35 cm, P-602 12 pizzas of 35 cm, P-603 18 pizzas of 35 cm.
  • Capacity P-800: P-801 8 pizzas of 35 cm, P-802 16 pizzas of 35 cm, P-803 24 pizzas of 35 cm.
  • Choose between basic or premium oven.
  • Energy efficient and well insulated pizza oven with very even heat distribution.
  • Evenly baked pizzas without turning the pizzas while baking.
  • Turbo function.Heats up the oven quickly to the set temperature.
  • Eco+ certified - high energy efficiency. Well insulation, double glass,low heat radiation from oven.
  • Legs and castors, canopy, pullout shelf with bowls for oil, spices and a bottom shelf are included.
  • Very user friendly SD-Touch control panel (option) with many features. Self-instructing with menus such as manual baking preprogrammed baking and service parameters. The panel is easy to learn, easily accessed and very logical.
  • Sturdy leges with lockable wheels and pull out shelves (option).




No. of decks

Deck size   


P 400-1 1120 x 915 x 1825mm 1 28" x 28" 6.7kW
P 400-2 1120 x 915 x 1825mm 2 28" x 28" 13.4kW
P 400-3 1120 x 915 x 1925mm 3 28" x 28" 20.1kW
P 600-1 1475 x 915 x 1725mm 1 42" x 28" 9.5kW
P 600-2 1475 x 915 x 1825mm 2 42" x 28" 19kW
P 600-3 1475 x 915 x 1925mm 3 42" x 28" 28.5kW