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PFE-500 & PFG-600 Pressure Fryers


4 Head Pressure Fryer

The Henny Penny PFE-500 & PFG-600 are designed for low cost, high volume production of consistently excellent fried chicken.

  • 8000 Computron controller with up to 10 programmable cook cycles. Complete with idle, melt modes and prompted filtration
  • Built in filtration system filters and returns hot oil for immediate use
  • Utilises a cold zone below the heating elements to prevent scorching and reduce filtering frequency
  • Patented lid lock system keeps the lid sealed until pressure reduces to 1 psi




Vat size

Power (Electric/Gas)

Shipping weight

PFE-500 486 x 968 x 1219mm 22.4L 13.5kW, Electric 148kg
PFE-591 648 x 1062 x 1549mm 45L 17kW, Electric 165kg
PFG-600 486 x 968 x 1219mm 20L Gas, 23.4kW 344kg
PFG-691 648 x 1062 x 1549mm 61L Gas, 26.4kW 425kg