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Retherm with Chill RRD/RRFC Series

Cold/Hot Refrigerated and Regeneration Units

The Moduline range of Retherm ovens ensures quality results when holding chilled and then reheating previously cooked food for service. The reheating process is fundamental to the appearance of the food that you serve.  

All ovens in this range feature the ClimaChef system which automatically monitors the climate in the cavity. Accurately controlling both the temperature and the humidity level ensures the very best quality and consistency on the plate even with the most delicate food items. 

  • Holds food chilled until required
  • Simplified, user friendly controls with electronic LCD touch-screen digital display
  • Operating temperature from +0°c to +160°c
  • Programmable regeneration from chilled
  • Removable tray racks
  • IdealWarm function: the intelligent temperature decrease in the cavity at the end of the cooking cycle allows perfect warm holding
  • Ventilated cooling provided by stainless steel evaporator


Model Dimensions Power Tray Capacity Dish Capacity
RRD061E 890x815x1340mm 4kW 3ph 6 GN 1/1  12
RRD101E 890x815x1640mm 7kW 3ph 10 GN 1/1  20
RRFC20E 1150x830x2270mm 13.5kW 3ph 20 GN 1/1 80
RRFC40E 1150x1100x2270mm 24.3kW 3ph 40 GN 1/1 or 20 GN 2/1 126