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Robata Grill


The Josper Robata grill is the new charcoal grill for cooking in the robatayaki style, an ancient technique of Japanese culture consisting of grilling in front of the diners.
The small portions of food are grilled on skewers over hot charcoal.
Ideal for cooking all types of meat and fish in a unique way, where the ingredients never lose the original flavor.
This method of Asian cuisine is very adaptable for many styles and other gastronomic cultures. The Josper Robata grill offers several levels of grilling and includes different types of accessories for working over charcoal kebabs, grills, Teppanyaki...
With the Robata grill you will enjoy live cooking and will see how the chefs prepare their dishes around the grill... A real culinary show.




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RG100 1183 x 342 x 581mm