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Velocity Pressure Fryer


Henny Penny ushers in a new generation of innovation with Velocity Series pressure fryer that not only improves product quality, but reduces cost of ownership, as well.

The Velocity Series cooks the same industry-leading 24 lb (11 kg) of fresh chicken (8 head) per load as our previous high volume fryer in 25% less oil!

Less oil in the fry pot means faster recovery and greater energy savings. Fully automatic filtration system filters more oil after every cook cycle in about the time it takes to rack the next load. With automatic oil top off, crew never have to worry about topping off hot oil. With less oil, frequent automatic filtering and automatic oil top-off, the Velocity Series pressure fryer can extend oil life by 300% compared with our previous high-volume model.




Vat Size


Shipping weight


610 X 1040 X 1575mm


17kW / 3PH  398kg