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C-Series - Rack Oven


The C-Series is the Sveba-Dahlen range of compact rack ovens, designed for installation in restricted spaces. A small footprint, highly effective, simple and flexible, are key characteristics of the rack ovens of the C-Series. Also available as energy efficient eco+.

Features & benefits

  • Our most sold oven. Available in four basic sizes.
  • Perfect for all types of bakeries. The C-Series ovens give high capacity on a small foot print.
  • Easy to install - fully assambled oven.
  • High production at low cost.
  • Can be run on electricity, oil or gas. High quality Bentone or Weishaupt burners is available for gas and oil fired ovens.
  • Very user friendly panel with many features.
  • Very user friendly SD-Touch control panel panel with many features. Self-instructing with menus such as manual baking preprogrammed baking and service parameters. The panel is easy to learn, easily accessed and very logical.
  • IBS – Increased Baking Surface Sveba-Dahlen’s patented system for alternating rotation of the racks. Results in a faster, more even and economical baking.
  • Frequency controlled fans. This is an option which gives greater possibilites to control the airflow - better baking!
  • Strong insulation that ensures that the heat stays in the oven chamber.
  • Stainless steel inside and out, maintains low temperature and is easy to keep clean.
  • Large, efficient heating package. Handles a very wide variety of product - flexible production. Results in fast heating and energy-saving.
  • The oversize heat exchanger is working in accordance with the counter-flow principle. Brings better heat transfer to the products being baked. Results in more effective heat exchange, higher fuel efficiency and lower heating costs.
  • Right hand hinged door, easy to open and overview.
  • Max baking temperature 330°C.
  • Suspension hook is included.
  • Possible to equip with the smart utility holder (option).