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F Series F500 - Proofer/Freezer/Retarder


The Sveba Dahlen F-Series F500 is a world class roll-in freezer proofer, retarder proofer and proofer. It is equipped with the latest technology to simplify work in the bakery and treats dough with the utmost care - no more dehydration or over-fermentation. The Dough on Demand function always gives you fresh dough ready to be baked. The F500 has carefully tested components and materials, providing an energy-efficient and reliable machine with a long life span. Together with the smart control panel and ergonomic design, the cabinet offers excellent results under heavy load in the bakery time and time again.

  • Available in three versions – proofer, retarder-proofer, and freezer-proofer. Each version is available in 8 standard sizes.  
  • User-friendly touch panel that streamlines and simplifies the work in the bakery. The control panel supports Dough on Demand, automatic programs and manual operation.
  • Fan speed is controlled as needed to process the dough so just the right amount of air is circulating inside the cabinet. Heat and humi-dity are pulse controlled to facilitate precise climate control. This control also provides an optimal proofing process along with a more energy efficient and quieter cabinet. 
  • A specially-designed air distribution channel in the rear wall of the cabinet distributes the air very effectively. This results in gentler, more even air distribution with both falling and rising air. This leads to a more even proofing result without dehydrating the dough.
  • Large insulated windows with double glazing and vertical LED strips with daylight effect give the user a good overview of the proofing process on all the sheets in the rack trolley.
  • Dough on Demand proofs the dough at a low temperature over a long period of time. Once finished, it cools and preserves the dough. The ready-to-bake dough can be preserved for up to 10 hours. The dough can then be taken out and baked off when needed by the store - fresh bread at any time!