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Floorstanding Mibrasa Charcoal Fired Oven on Cupboard with Heating Rack

The Mibrasa HMB AB-SB has a heating rack with an average temperature of 40°C, perfect for bringing the meat to temperature and keeping ingredients warm. It also comes with a natural heated holding cupboard below with a temperature between 50 and 70°C.

  • Enclosed design means faster cooking and cooler working environment than an open grill.
  • Available in 3 sizes with five optional door colours
  • Up to 190 covers.
  • Comes complete with grill, oven tongs, ash shovel, ember poker and grill brush.



Model Dimensions No. of covers Grilling Area Shipping Weight
HMB AB-SB 75 735x700x1830mm 75-95 540x595mm 437kg
HMB AB-SB 110 955x700x1870mm 110-130 760x595mm 593kg
HMB AB-SB 160 955x900x1871mm 160-190 760x795mm 686kg