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Countertop Charcoal Fired Mibrasa Oven with Heating Rack

The HMB SB series incorporates the heating rack which is essential for resting meats and storing and holding pots and pans in the 45°C environment that the ovens residual heat produces.

  • Enclosed design means faster cooking and cooler working environment than an open grill.
  • Available in 3 sizes with five optional door colours
  • Up to 190 covers.
  • Comes complete with grill, oven tongs, ash shovel, ember poker and grill brush.


Model Dimensions No. of covers Grilling Area Shipping Weight
HMB SB 75 735x700x1155mm 75-95 540x595mm 437kg
HMB SB 110 955x700x1245mm 110-130 760x595mm 593kg
HMB SB 160 955x900x1245mm 160-190 760x795mm 686kg