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S-Series - Mini Rack Oven

Sveba Dahen S-Series Mini Rack Oven

The new mini rack oven S-Series has unlimited baking possibilities for the in-store bakery.The ultramodern rotating combination oven, bakes everything from bread rolls and sourdough bread to delicate pastries to perfection. Achieve similar results, efficiency and functionality to that of an industrial rack oven. Designed to occupy minimal space, the S-Series is optimized for smaller bakeries and store use.

  • The same baking results and features as a large rack oven, but with a compact footprint
  • Horizontal airflow developed to give even baking results across the rack, even for delicate bakes with short baking times.
  • Rotating rack with optimized rotation speed and automatic change of rack rotation direction, gives an even bake with better results. 
  • A uniquely developed steam system with both even and efficient capacity, as well as rapid recov-ery, resulting in a greater production capacity.
  • A user-friendly, SD Touch II smart control panel that gives the user complete control of the entire baking process.
  • Increased Baking Surface (IBS) - A patented system for alternate rack rotation inside the oven.
  • Available in 3 sizes, 6 models and two colours with option to include underbuilt proofer