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S-Series - Mini Rack Oven


The S-Series is a small oven with the efficiency and functions of a large oven which makes it perfect as an in-store oven. All S-ovens can be equipped with a prover cabinet. S-400 is available with gas heating. The S-200 is a smaller version of the S-400 with all its advantages, specially designed for in-store bakery.

Features & benefits

Same good baking result as in a large rack oven – IBS - alternately rotation of the racks for better heat transfer to the products being baked. IBS - alternately rotation of the racks for better heat transfer to the products being baked

  • SD-Touch 9.0 as standard - all benefits included, as recipes gathered in alphabetical order.
  • Great variaton in products that can be baked.
  • Compact underbuilt prover with humidity sensor. Saves space and makes dough handling easier. No need for a stand alone prover.
  • Small rack oven with efficiency as a large oven.
  • Cost saving double glass window.
  • Strong insulation - ensures that the heat stays in the oven chamber.
  • Stainless steel inside and out - maintains low temperature and is easy to keep clean.
  • Large front window with heat-reflecting double glass and good lighting - gives a good overview of the baking process.
  • Built-in, high-capacity steam system - fast function and energy-saving.
  • Right hand hinged door with double glazed window - easy to open and overview.
  • Canopy as standard.
  • Condensating unit on top of the oven.
  • A gas fired version is available (S-402) - high quality Riello burner.
  • Aluminium legs and castors as standard.
  • Max baking temperature 300 degrees.



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