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V-Series - Rack Oven

Rotating Rack Oven - V-Series

The V-Series is a reliable, powerful and safe oven that is easy to use and provides excellent baking results. The series has three basic sizes, with space for up to three racks in the oven chamber. The oven provides almost unlimited possibilities for professional baking and can be supplied with many different accessories and custom features.

  • Increased Baking Surface (IBS) Sveba Dahlen's patented system for alternate rack rotation inside the oven. The IBS system provides faster, more even and more energy efficient baking.
  • Cascade steam system quickly provides powerful and extra clean steam. The system makes continuous baking without interruption possible.
  • SD Touch II Panel. The next generation of user-friendly touch panel with high resolution screen, swipe function, simple recipe handling with timer down to second-precision for functions such as temperature, steam and fans.
  • Strong insulation that ensures that the heat stays in the oven chamber.
  • Stainless steel inside and out, maintains low temperature and is easy to keep clean.
  • Large front window with heat-reflecting glass and good lighting gives a good overview of the baking process.